dinnertime sizzle: brussels sprouts and steak stir-fry

I’ve posted a number of stir-fries (a couple of chicken dishes and pepper steak), but I try out way more stir-fries than I share. I’m particular about the flavors (they’d better be big) and the textures (crisp veggies, small pieces of meat, and a thick sauce), leaving many lackluster dishes to¬†fall into the recipe compost¬†bin of not-quite-good-enough. This spicy stir-fry featuring a ton of veggies and satisfying steak has been on repeat for over a year in our house, so I figured it was time to share.

brussels steak stirfry
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awesome (steak) sauce

I’ve already written about the dinner party dessert I made this summer to accommodate the food restrictions of some lovely guests. The dessert was a fairly quick and easy choice, because I’d been looking for an excuse to make it for a while. But it took me a little longer to come up with a main course. This is perhaps small minded of me, but it tends to be hard for me to imagine a truly tasty entree without the crutch of a starch. I spent some time flipping through my stack of cook books and searching around on favorite blogs and pinterest, and kept coming up empty. And then, happily, I remembered steak and tomatoes with toasted spice vinaigrette.


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pepper steak grows up

Until a few months ago, my opinion of pepper steak was not clearly defined. My overall view was neutral, leaning positive, but within the margin of error [sorry, I’ve been reading a lot of polling summaries lately]. We ate pepper steak fairly regularly as I was growing up. It was not only a frequent choice for take-out, but my dad crafted a really fresh and satisfying homemade version. When we had it, I enjoyed it — I liked the pieces of crunchy green peppers and I have a soft spot for big squares of sweet onion–, but to me it was just another item in semi-regular rotation on our weeknight dinner circuit. It was better than chicken soup, but not nearly as sought after as fajitas, for example.

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