tis the season for treats!

The first time that Hal met most of my New York friends was at a Christmas party I hosted in my first Brooklyn apartment. It felt giddily celebratory for a lot of reasons–I finally had an apartment suited to having a party, I was living in Brooklyn and so much closer to so many of my lovely friends, and I was dating a guy I was really excited about. And, of course, it was a chance to make my favorite treats for some of my favorite people, something absolutely love to do. Hal and I moved in together the following September, and since then we’ve hosted three Christmas parties together (plus a house warming, a baby shower, a rehearsal dinner, and a birthday fete here and there), the last just yesterday. And I still love making my favorite treats for my favorite people. So much so that I’ve developed a pretty set menu for our snacky desserty parties.


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recipe kismet, in the shape of a cheeseball

Ok. So. I had a whole bunch of lovely and clever (I like to tell myself) things to say today about two recipes I made for a Mad Men season opener party Hal and I had two Sunday’s back–he in charge of the cocktails, I in charge of the food–but then I found out that today, April 17th, is National Cheeseball Day. I barely know how to process the fact that there IS a National Cheeseball Day, but I’m considering it major kismet. Because wouldn’t you know it, one of the recipes I had planned to share is for a cheeseball. So deviled eggs will just have to wait for a post of their own. Today, clearly, was always meant to be just about spherical cheese spread.


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virginian dim sum (aka party snacks)

Way back in mid December, I hosted my first Christmas party. I finally have an apartment with room for a tree and storage for my Christmas decorations (ornaments, a collection of mini trees and a n assortment of deer–I’ve got a whole thing going), and decided to celebrate that by having my favorite people over for snacks and drinks. My menu was a sweet and savory combo: Smitten Kitchen’s brown butter rice crispy treats (my go to for any party, whether hosting or attending), the chocolate crunch bars Laura and I each made, frozen pigs in a blanket from Trader Joe’s, some token veggies, and three of my favorite family party recipes–deviled eggs, cheese wafers, and red pepper jam with cream cheese.¬†One of my friends, who knows just how to flatter a girl, took one look at the food and said, “it’s like Virginian dim sum!” At that moment I knew that whatever else happened, I would consider the party a success.


treats + trees

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