butter poached resolutions for 2018 + fave food instagrams of 2017

When we were texting each other about our new year’s food resolutions, we realized that, unsurprisingly, our goals for 2018 were nearly identical. So instead of separate lists of resolutions this year, we’re focusing on the same two goals: cook more and put our cookbooks to use.

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butter poached resolutions for 2017

Every year is of course a dizzying mix of highs and lows, but holy heck was 2016 a doozy. When we narrow in on our year in food, though, we instantly have something we both feel 100% thrilled about–we achieved our shared goal of publishing a post here at butter poached every week of 2016. It was great to get back in our blogging groove, and to cheer each other on along the way. This year we’re hoping to keep that happy momentum going…but with a more relaxed schedule.

jessica + laura in VA for thanksgiving, 2016.

And we’ve realized that two individual resolutions is our sweet spot, so we’re sticking with that this year. Cheers to a tasty 2017!

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butter poached resolutions for 2016

It might be a little weird to wish someone a happy new year in late January, but we’ve decided it’s still a totally acceptable time to share our 2016 resolutions. Better late than never, right? In 2015, we both focused on adjusting to the many changes that 2014 brought us. It was a year of riding the waves of our new normals, settling in, and appreciating small joys. We had many great moments in 2015, but one thing we both wished we’d done more of is blogging. We miss the routine and rhythm that comes from regularly posting, so our first and most important cooking resolution is to post here at least once a week in 2016. And we’re already off to a great start.

As for 2015’s resolutions…we had so-so results. We totally blew off our joint resolution to make use of our fancy cookbooks. Neither of us got around to it during the year and by the end of 2015, we found that we not only lacked the time to carry out an over-the-top project, but we also lacked the interest. It’s fascinating to read in detail about how star chefs create spectacular restaurant dishes, but the far flung ingredients and endless steps didn’t exactly inspire us to rush to the kitchen and dust off the chinois and immersion circulator. We did achieve some of our 2015 goals, though, and we’ve each set some very realistic ones for 2016 below.

NYE 2009.

flashback to one of our many NYE’s spent together, this one in 2009…in a kitchen, of course

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butter poached resolutions for 2015

2014 was a wild, often wonderful, often horribly hard, ultimately joy-filled year. We each experienced huge transitions, some carefully planned for and and some we could never have predicted. The new year finds us eager to make the most of where we are now, in our lives broadly and our cooking specifically: Laura in her lovely Springfield kitchen and Jessica with all of her newlywed cooking gadgets. And we have a shared resolution this year. In 2013 and 2014 we traded off the goal of using our cookbooks more regularly, but this year we’re going specific: we want to cook from our fancy cookbooks. We each have quite a collection, and have so far been too daunted to try much. So this year we’re going for it. Jessica is eager to try Eleven Madison Park (which is so huge and heavy she can barely lift it), and Laura is ready to dive into Manresa (which holds the dual prizes of most beautiful and most intimidating book on her shelf). Happy tasty 2015!

laura & jessica at jessica's wedding, november 8th 2014.

laura & jessica at jessica’s wedding, november 2014.

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butter poached resolutions for 2014

We had big 2013’s: we both moved, Laura got married, Jessica got engaged, and lots of other things happened along the way. During some of the busier months in our personal lives, our blogging and cooking took a back seat to our life-living, but we always loved returning to this space. It looks like 2014 will be no less exciting, but just like last year, butter poached is top of mind for us as we look forward to the year ahead. We made mixed progress on last year’s resolutions (of course), but we’ve nevertheless crafted a new list of cooking things we are resolving to do.

laura and jessica at laura's wedding, august 2013 (photo by genevieve leiper)

laura and jessica at laura’s wedding, august 2013 (photo by genevieve leiper)

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butter poached resolutions for 2013

For both of us, starting butter poached was one of the best aspects of our respective 2012’s. Spending more time in the kitchen and sharing stories here and with each other has been more fun and more rewarding than either of us could have hoped. Looking ahead to 2013, we’re excited to keep building this blog and to keep cooking. Over brunch the other day, we shared with each other our 2013 cooking resolutions. Some of ours are the same–expand our lists of go-to weeknight meals, keep experimenting and increasing our confidence, add to our collections of decorative tea towels–but as we brainstormed together we each came up with some specific goals for 2013. We’re already looking forward to sharing the results here. Happy New Year!

Jessica and Laura making dinner together.

Jessica and Laura making dinner together.

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