sweet and salty brownie cookies

The first time I made these cookies, Joy the Baker’s chocolate brownie cookies with white chocolate and roasted macadamia nuts, I couldn’t taste them. I was into third week of a month of Whole 30, and taking it so seriously that when I almost absentmindedly licked some chocolate batter off of my finger I squealed and jumped backwards. Despite not being able to take a tester bite, I had a hunch these cookies were the business. For starters, Joy the Baker really¬†knows her way around a delicious sweet. Secondly, the star ingredients–two kinds of chocolate and salted roasted macadamia nuts–are pretty hard to argue with. And finally, there was the smell. Holy heck, did sniffing these cookies while they were baking test every bit of my Whole 30 resolve. I decided right then to make them as soon as I could eat sweets again.


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banana rum cake, and a daiquiri to match

Though this winter has been relatively mild, give or take a blizzard here or there, I still find myself at the annual point of being totally over it. Over the cold, over feeling like it’s dark all of the time, over hats and gloves and puffy coats. I’m hungry for lightness and brightness, and for that sunny optimistic springtime feeling. I know it’s right around the corner (please be kind, March), and in the meantime there are things we can do to make life feel a little brighter. If you’re looking to fight back against the end of winter blues, too, may I recommend this banana rum cake with brown butter frosting. And that you save at least a little of the rum to shake yourself up a banana daiquiri to wash it down.

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