sweet and salty brownie cookies

The first time I made these cookies, Joy the Baker’s chocolate brownie cookies with white chocolate and roasted macadamia nuts, I couldn’t taste them. I was into third week of a month of Whole 30, and taking it so seriously that when I almost absentmindedly licked some chocolate batter off of my finger I squealed and jumped backwards. Despite not being able to take a tester bite, I had a hunch these cookies were the business. For starters, Joy the Baker really knows her way around a delicious sweet. Secondly, the star ingredients–two kinds of chocolate and salted roasted macadamia nuts–are pretty hard to argue with. And finally, there was the smell. Holy heck, did sniffing these cookies while they were baking test every bit of my Whole 30 resolve. I decided right then to make them as soon as I could eat sweets again.


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good friends, good recipes: peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies

My hands-down favorite, absolute best, tip-top recipe resources are my friends and family. Aren’t we all a thousand times more likely to try a recipe from a trusted friend than something random from blogs, cookbooks, or food magazines? Maybe it depends on the palates of one’s friends. Luckily, my people have darn good taste.

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

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my valentine loves sprinkles

In many respects, my fiancé Ed is a serious man. He’s a conscientious doctor, he pays his bills on time, and he sends prompt thank you notes. He’s the definition of “responsible adult.” That said, he also really loves rainbow sprinkles. His dimple is never deeper than when he’s presented with a small bowl of vanilla ice cream with a special order of “double sprinkles.”


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butter poached bon: crunch bars

Before we got our December Bon Appétits, we were hoping an appetizer or snack recipe would stand out as the one we’d each want to make. Both of us had holiday parties we were cooking for and wanted to add something new to the mix. Unfortunately, nothing in those categories really sparked us this time around. We decided on cookies, and after some back and forth (the cover girl speculoos buttons were in the running for a while) we settled on crunch bars. We made a good choice.

crunch bars

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denise pierce’s macadamia lace cookies

Yay, it’s holiday baking time! Blogs everywhere are blowing up with butter-laden, chocolate-dipped, sugar-dusted delights! I am ready to jump on that bandwagon and I’m not coming off ‘til January, if at all.

macadamia lace cookies

These macadamia lace cookies are some of my very favorite holiday treats. They were a completely random discovery. In 2004, I impulse-bought a Fine Cooking holiday issue (I’m good for at least one check-out aisle purchase of a holiday baking periodical per season), but I never really dug into it until 2007. I have no idea why I picked it up three years after buying it, but when I finally flipped through, I was taken in by a little picture of lacey macadamia nut cookies. The recipe was featured in a cookie-swap themed spread presenting reader-submitted recipes. Denise Pierce’s Macadamia Lace Cookies had been chosen, with a few others, from hundreds of reader submissions. I am a huge fan of thin, crispy cookies (part of why I love Jessica’s mom’s chocolate chip cookies so much), so these looked perfect. Continue reading