last minute gift: peppermint crunchies

If you have any last minute gifting needs this year, may I suggest making peppermint crunchies (the preferred name for cookies & cream peppermint bark┬áin my house)? This treat calls for only three ingredients, can truly be considered last minute–it takes about 15 minutes to throw together and another 20 to 30 to cool–and is so over the top tasty. I made a batch for a work potluck last week, and six separate people asked me for the recipe. Another told me very seriously that I should look into selling it, and another stopped me later in the day to say, “you win–all of the bark is gone!” The effort to accolades ratio with these little bites is definitely in your favor, even at this extra busy time of year. Perfect for rounding out gifts that need a little something extra, having on hand for an unexpected present exchange, and for just pleasing yourself.


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