butter poached resolutions for 2018 + fave food instagrams of 2017

When we were texting each other about our new year’s food resolutions, we realized that, unsurprisingly, our goals for 2018 were nearly identical. So instead of separate lists of resolutions this year, we’re focusing on the same two goals: cook more and put our cookbooks to use.

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back at it


Hi there! For a variety of reasons (the best and cutest pictured here!) we took a little blogging break that turned into a much longer than intended break. We had some time together earlier this fall, and agreed that we very much missed this space and what it brings to our lives—a kick in the pants to try new recipes, a chance to stretch our creative muscles, and a way to connect around something we both love. We’re eager to ease ourselves back in, and to continue sharing recipes and stories. Thanks for sticking with us and we’ll be back with a fresh post soon!

butter poached resolutions for 2017

Every year is of course a dizzying mix of highs and lows, but holy heck was 2016 a doozy. When we narrow in on our year in food, though, we instantly have something we both feel 100% thrilled about–we achieved our shared goal of publishing a post here at butter poached every week of 2016. It was great to get back in our blogging groove, and to cheer each other on along the way. This year we’re hoping to keep that happy momentum going…but with a more relaxed schedule.

jessica + laura in VA for thanksgiving, 2016.

And we’ve realized that two individual resolutions is our sweet spot, so we’re sticking with that this year. Cheers to a tasty 2017!

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four years of favorites

Today, September 6th, is the fourth anniversary of our very first butter poached post. 180 posts later we’re going strong and still loving blogging together. We’re cooking in different kitchens and taking pictures with much better (almost always iPhone) cameras, but so many of our goals are the same as they were when we got our start in 2012: to keep growing and stretching in our cooking, to find as much joy as possible in the quotidian meals that make up our regular eating lives, to try new recipes and build up our collections of faves, and to share it all with each other here. To celebrate our blogiversary we thought we’d update our 2014 lists of recipes we return to again and again with some of our latest favorites. Thanks so much for reading!

laughing and cooking and laughing during jessica's visit to springfield in august

laughing and cooking and laughing during jessica’s visit to springfield in august

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butter poached resolutions for 2016

It might be a little weird to wish someone a happy new year in late January, but we’ve decided it’s still a totally acceptable time to share our 2016 resolutions. Better late than never, right? In 2015, we both focused on adjusting to the many changes that 2014 brought us. It was a year of riding the waves of our new normals, settling in, and appreciating small joys. We had many great moments in 2015, but one thing we both wished we’d done more of is blogging. We miss the routine and rhythm that comes from regularly posting, so our first and most important cooking resolution is to post here at least once a week in 2016. And we’re already off to a great start.

As for 2015’s resolutions…we had so-so results. We totally blew off our joint resolution to make use of our fancy cookbooks. Neither of us got around to it during the year and by the end of 2015, we found that we not only lacked the time to carry out an over-the-top project, but we also lacked the interest. It’s fascinating to read in detail about how star chefs create spectacular restaurant dishes, but the far flung ingredients and endless steps didn’t exactly inspire us to rush to the kitchen and dust off the chinois and immersion circulator. We did achieve some of our 2015 goals, though, and we’ve each set some very realistic ones for 2016 below.

NYE 2009.

flashback to one of our many NYE’s spent together, this one in 2009…in a kitchen, of course

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favorite food instagrams of 2015

Way back on January 1st 2014, Laura started a project of posting a picture to Instagram every single day. She did it in part to chronicle the huge changes 2014 had in store (moving from Boston to central Illinois, quitting her day job, building a house) and in part just because. Jessica loved seeing a little daily slice of Laura’s life so much that she decided to follow suit for 2015 with a picture a day project of her own. We’ve found the practice and the results to be so addictive and rewarding that we’re already two weeks deep into our 2016 collections.

January 1, 2015 (Laura): a chocolate souffle to make good on my 2014 cooking resolution

January 1, 2015 (Laura): a chocolate souffle to make good on my 2014 cooking resolution

January 1, 2015 (Jessica)

January 1, 2015 (Jessica): steamed clams with chorizo to celebrate the start of a new year


The project is really inspiring and we’ve appreciated the way it makes us pay extra close attention to all of the beautiful, interesting, and silly things we come across every day. Yes, sometimes we find ourselves feeling like there’s nothing to photograph and thinking about just snapping a pic of a banana and calling it a day, but for the most part we love our daily Instas, and especially the glimpses into each other’s lives that they bring. Unsurprisingly, a ton of those glimpses are of food. Food we make at home, food we love when we’re out and about, food we share when we’re lucky enough to be together. We thought it would be fun to share our five favorite food pics each from 2015 so that you can have a glimpse of our culinary lives outside of the blog, too.

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favorite favorites

laura and jessica this june enjoying some dough doughnuts at the brooklyn flea

laura and jessica this june enjoying some dough doughnuts at the brooklyn flea

On September 6th, we celebrated our third blogiversary. It hardly seems possible that it’s been three whole years since we first took a deep breath and pushed publish, but 140 posts later, here we are. In some ways the time has flown, and in other ways we’re both so far from where we were back in September 2012. This has been such a special project for both of us—keeping us connected around one of our favorite shared subjects, pushing us to try new recipes always, giving us a reason to write—and looking back over the last three years definitely has us a little nostalgic.

One of our favorite things about blogging together is that we get to enjoy each other’s writing. During the summers in high school, we used to write snail mail letters, then came looong emails in our 20’s, and now most often we swap texts punctuated by carefully chosen emojis. Blogging has become another way to hear and savor each other’s voices—we rush to click through to read new posts as fast as we used to tear open those summer letters. This anniversary seemed like a great excuse to share some of our all time favorites of each other’s posts. We tried to be thematic and stick to just three each, but we ended up doing four a piece (one for good luck!).

Thank you so much for following along with us and we hope you enjoy butter poached as much as we do.
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