the huge joy of small victories

After an abstemious period of trying to cut back on my cookbook buying, I went on a real tear in the last year and a half-ish. All told, I think we’ve added ten new friends to our already not exactly small cookbook library. Baking books and chef-y books and pasta books and books that Instagram made me have to have and at least two books to magically make weeknight dinners easier. I’ve loved looking at absolutely every one of these, but have only really cooked from one: Julia Turshen’s Small Victories.

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back at it


Hi there! For a variety of reasons (the best and cutest pictured here!) we took a little blogging break that turned into a much longer than intended break. We had some time together earlier this fall, and agreed that we very much missed this space and what it brings to our lives—a kick in the pants to try new recipes, a chance to stretch our creative muscles, and a way to connect around something we both love. We’re eager to ease ourselves back in, and to continue sharing recipes and stories. Thanks for sticking with us and we’ll be back with a fresh post soon!