thanksgiving favorites

I love to try new Thanksgiving recipes every year and I especially love sharing my fresh discoveries here (like this corn pudding, these sweet potatoes, and this corn casserole). But there are also many turkey day recipes that I’ve made over the years and haven’t yet had a chance to share. Rather than continue to hoard these half a dozen tried-and-true dishes, I decided to share them all at once below. If you’re still scratching your head for Thursday’s menu, I very much recommend these recipes.


Gourmet’s Cider-Glazed Turkey — I’ve never been in charge of the turkey, but this is my mom’s go-to recipe for a jaw-droppingly gorgeous bird with extra delicious skin and gravy. She tried it on a whim in 2009 and we’ve requested/demanded it many times since.

Alton Brown’s “Best Ever Green Bean Casserole” — The man does not exaggerate; his casserole really is worlds better than any other GBC I’ve tried (and let’s be honest, they’re all pretty good). He replaces canned cream of mushroom soup with a very simple, fresh, stove-top mushroom sauce and it makes all the difference. Unless you’re a frying wiz, I’d skip the homemade crunchy onions he suggests…I attempted them once and the results weren’t pretty (or crunchy). There’s no shame in a little Durkee game once a year.

Alton Brown’s “Better than Grannie’s Creamed Corn” — I didn’t know I loved creamed corn until I tried this recipe. It’s fresh but indulgent and works for many holidays throughout the year. I never have fresh corn on the cob in November, so I use thawed frozen corn and puree a cup or two in a blender or food processor (a tip I came across in the recipe’s comments). The only downside to this recipe: there are never any leftovers.

Orangette’s Cranberry Chutney with Crystallized Ginger and Dried Cherries — I only made this once, but I loved it. I often make homemade cranberry sauce, but this is the only one that I’d make again. It’s spicy, tart, and sweet — exactly what you need from the tiny dollop of cranberry on your plate. The recipe as-is makes a ton, so I recommend halving it. It’s also a winner poured over cream cheese or goat cheese, which could make for an ideal T-giving appetizer or a next day (or week… it keeps!) treat.

Bon Appétit’s Cider and Bourbon Glazed Shallots — My family has a tradition of making creamed onions on Thanksgiving and they are…not my thing. These onions definitely are my thing, though. My Aunt Joannie made them last year and they were an instant classic. Boozy (bourbon), sharp (cider vinegar), and sweet (maple syrup), they are a unique flavor that cuts through the turkey day flavor pile.

Whiskey-Apple Crumble Pie from The New York Times and “Bubby’s Homemade Pies.” — I think my friend Tayloe first pointed out this recipe to me back in 2007 (could it really have been that long ago?!) and I’ve lost track of how many years I’ve made it. A generous pour of bourbon, spiced and buttery apples, and a mound of nutty, crunchy crumble make for a winning combination. Vanilla ice cream is mandatory.

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