keeper shrimp + grits

I’ve talked before about my sister’s ability to find awesome recipes, and about her “keeper” board on Pinterest. I’m always psyched to see a recipe move from her general food board over to “keeper,” because that means she’s tried it and loved it. When I saw a recipe for shrimp and grits make the move I was especially excited, since shrimp and grits is one of my very favorite foods and one that I had never cooked myself. And I was especially especially excited because I knew regular ole shrimps have been a little hard to come by in her Swedish life. Strange, right? She says they’re getting easier to find, but during her first year-ish in Sweden when she went looking for shrimp she mostly found the wee little salad variety–and they are EVERYWHERE, including on top of hot dogs–but had a harder time finding the kind of I can grab so easily in the grocery store. So I knew that if she had found a keeper recipe worth tracking down shrimp for, it was gonna be good.


And it is! This recipe is rich and delicious and spicy and savory and absolutely a keeper. It’s a combo of shrimp, sliced andouille sausage, veggies, a touch of cream, and your very own homemade “Emeril’s Essence” (I felt a little silly making the spice mix the first time I made this recipe, but the second time I made it you can bet I was thrilled to have some pre-mixed in a little jar–worth it!). The grits are also fantastic, and I’d recommend trying the recipe even if you already have a different preferred recipe for grits. They are about as decadent as grits can be, with oh so much butter and milk and cream, but dang are they tasty. And perfect to cut the spice from the shrimp and sausage.

img_8920This is also a very forgiving recipe, which I can say with confidence since I came perilously close to messing it up the last time I made it, and it turned out just as well as when I did everything right. Both times I’ve made this it’s been for company, which is a little out of my comfort zone–I usually stick to recipes I can make ahead of time for entertaining. I figured that since this recipe cooks so quickly, my best course of action would be to get all the ingredients prepped before folks came over (the grits I started a little over an hour before I planned on serving dinner). I sliced the andouille and de-shelled the shrimp and chopped the veggies and put everything into quart containers stacked in the fridge. My mise was fantastic. The first time I made this everything went exactly as planned, but the second time I got distracted and forgot to sauté the veggies before adding chicken stock to the pan. Whoops. I tossed them in as soon as I realized it, and everything was still deelish.

img_8925Possible dinner party distractions aside, this is a beautifully easy recipe that’s great for entertaining. It’s also rich as all get out, so I’d recommend it more for a celebratory occasion than a typical weeknight (though it this is your typical weeknight style, you deserve a celebration). I’d also recommend it for a group, because this makes a heck of a lot of food. I first made it for four, and Hal and I had plenty of leftovers the next day. So much was leftover that I made the exact same amount for a dinner for six. And as for the grits, I’ll never understand the science that turns 1 1/2 cups of dried grits into what seems like an endless pot of cooked grits. You could probably safely half the recipe and still have more than enough for at least four (and maybe still six). I follow the recipe exactly as written in the post Joie originally found with her fantastic keeper discovering skills:

shrimp and grits with emeril’s essence, from peace love & good food 



4 thoughts on “keeper shrimp + grits

  1. Yum yum! I’m so happy you loved this recipe. I want to come over for a dinner party – I love your napkins and adorable lil’ salt cellar!

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