no-cream creamy corn pasta

This post will be a quick one because Jessica is here! In Springfield! From Brooklyn! She’s only here for a couple of days, so I don’t want to waste a second of time that could be spent chatting, laughing, or eating custard (we accomplished all three in her first day in Illinois, but one can never have enough of any of those things). I had to share this recipe now, though, because we’re in the too-short sweet corn season and this is possibly my new favorite way to eat corn: as a pasta sauce.

creamy corn pasta

The magic of this dish is that it’s creamy without using cream (but it does use butter and parmesan). The creaminess comes from blending sautéed corn kernels and scallions into a purée, then cooking the purée with brown butter and a bit more corn. Add pasta, cheese, a good amount of red pepper flakes, a lot of torn basil, and just a little lemon juice and the dish is finished. It’s spicy, herbal, and sweet-savory. Another amazing thing about the pasta is that it’s filling enough that it doesn’t need any meat (though I do think tossing in some chopped thick-cut bacon would be a delicious way to riff on the original).

creamy corn pasta with basil

You can find the recipe for this “Creamy Corn Pasta with Basil” (by Melissa Clark) on the New York Times website. I highly recommend the very helpful video associated with the recipe. Now back to bestest time!


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