learning to grill: coconut curry chicken kebabs

Here’s a first for butter poached: a grilling recipe. Or is it a grill recipe? Grilled recipe? I’m such a grilling newbie that I don’t even know the conventions. What I do know is that these coconut curry chicken kebabs are more than worthy of being the first in this still new-to-me category of cooking.

coconut curry chicken kebabs

I first discovered this recipe during the end of last summer’s low-carb experiment. Back then, Ed and I mainly grilled steaks and hot dogs, so chicken kebabs were a challenge. We started the grill too hot, so they got a little charred before the inside was done. We left them on to cook through, but we were certain we overcooked them. To our delight, they were still juicy. I’m sure that was thanks to a day of marinating and the forgiving nature of chicken thighs—two crutches I’m not ashamed to lean on until I get more grilling practice.

coconut chicken kebabs

When I made the kebabs again this week, I did a better job of controlling the fire (with Ed’s help). We managed to get just the right amount of char, which added another layer to the incredibly flavorful chicken. There’s a little bit of spiciness, a good curry taste, and plenty of garlic, but what I love the most is the coconut. The flavor is especially impressive given that the marinade only uses three tablespoons of coconut milk. Even though I tend to think that grilled chicken benefits from some kind of dipping sauce, Ed and I have found that these skewers are tasty and juicy enough to stand alone.

ready for the grill after 11 hours marinating

ready for the grill after 11 hours marinating

This recipe also scores points for being easy. All it takes is a little bit of chopping and measuring in the morning to make the marinade and soak the chicken, then some skewering and grilling in the evening. Grilling is all about minimal effort and big reward, right? I love learning.

Follow this link to find the recipe on Serious Eats. I recommend metal skewers, as my wooden ones were barely up to the challenge, even after being soaked in water.

If you’re wondering how to use up the rest of a can of coconut milk, The Kitchn has a few ideas.

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