learning to grill: coconut curry chicken kebabs

Here’s a first for butter poached: a grilling recipe. Or is it a grill recipe? Grilled recipe? I’m such a grilling newbie that I don’t even know the conventions. What I do know is that these coconut curry chicken kebabs are more than worthy of being the first in this still new-to-me category of cooking.

coconut curry chicken kebabs

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bacon + bourbon clams

Probably my most frequent I feel like being fancy or celebratory but don’t want to actually go out meal is clams and chorizo. I often make it for me and Hal on Friday nights when we want to toast the end of the week but the week itself has been too busy to make leaving the house at all appealing, and it’s also one of my faves for low key hostessing–especially with the addition of bucatini, to stretch it into a pasta. I probably make it at least once a month, and I love it every time. It’s especially a favorite in the summer, when I serve it with a quick saute of halved cherry tomatoes and corn cut from the cob, with a handful of torn basil wilted in at the end. So when I found a recipe on the wonderful Food52 for a one pot clam dish that subbed in bacon for chorizo and bourbon for white wine, and went ahead and tossed the corn and tomatoes right in, I had to try it. Variety is the spice of life, after all, and if that spice tastes like bourbon and bacon then so much the better.
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bright and spicy orange chicken and herb salad

Two weeks ago was our first Memorial Day weekend with a grill and the first stretch of truly beautiful days. Naturally, we grilled and grilled and grilled: steaks, sausages, veggies, and hot dogs. We ate potato salad, ice cream cake, chips, and washed it all down with cold white wine and beer. It was a delicious few days, but it was also a very salty, greasy, bloated few days. By Tuesday we were craving something much lighter. For inspiration, I turned to Ottolenghi, the master of satisfying salads. I flipped through Jerusalem and found what looked like a seriously virtuous recipe that would surely make us feel good about what we were eating: the saffron chicken and herb salad.

orange chicken and herb salad

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bitter + sweet: campari granita

I’m home in Virginia with my sister this week, for the wedding of one of our dearest friends. We were tasked with making cupcakes for the reception (best task!), and were happily invited to make them in our aunt Carolyn’s kitchen, where we could take advantage of her double ovens and awesome collection of professional baker gear. While we cupcaked, she made two frozen strawberry treats: sorbet and sherbet, to see which recipe she likes best. Both were delicious–I favoured the sherbet, which had tangy buttermilk–but both also required an ice cream maker. Not exactly a deal breaker, but also not the easiest implement to use, especially if you don’t have the freezer room to always have the base chilling away. Unlike the absolute easiest frozen dessert I’ve ever made, Campari granita.

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