kitchen kismet: chicken lettuce cups

Laura and I rarely do much in advance blog planning together. Sometimes we’ll shoot each other a quick text about our next post, or it will come up in conversation if we’ve recently cooked something we’re especially excited to share, but frequently our posts are a fun surprise for each other, and a lovely window into what the other has been up to in her kitchen. A lovely window that sometimes shows us that, from states away, we are right on the same page. It’s happened with banana muffins and quick shrimp dinners, and I was so tickled last week to realize that we were on a shared cashew + chicken  kick. I love the idea of Laura in her Springfield kitchen cooking with the same ingredients I’m using in my Brooklyn kitchen, especially when the results are dishes we’re both so psyched about: a cashew chicken stir fry for La, and chicken and cashew lettuce cups for me.

More and more, Shutterbean is my go to for weeknight dinners that instantly make it into our regular rotation. This recipe is simple and fast, plenty healthy, and absolutely full of delicious flavors–basil and cilantro, ginger and garlic, spice from jalapeño and sriracha, sweetness from hoison, and great crunch from roasted cashews. And it comes together so quickly that even though I’ve made it several times I haven’t bothered to slow down and take pictures, but it’s so dang good that I wanted to go ahead and share my love for it even without step by step photos. Laura and I have talked a lot about how sometimes what we most want to say about a recipe is, “this is great, make it!” and this is absolutely one of those times. So: this is great, make it!

Chicken Lettuce Cups, from Shutterbean 


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