ina’s baked shrimp scampi

Have you seen the news that Ina Garten has a new cookbook coming out, this one framed around her relationship with her husband Jeffrey? I’m not even embarrassed to admit that I gasped out loud when Laura clued me in, and I think most if not all Ina fans probably felt similarly. I also think most if not all Ina fans could make a convincing argument that all of her previous cookbooks have been about her relationship with Jeffrey, but to have one totally truly devoted to it? Be still my heart! There’s a lot to love about this particular marriage, from the gorgeous Hamptons house to the sweet food related gestures to the annual trips to Paris to the props they got on 30 Rock, but what I like best is how genuinely–aspirationally!–delighted by each other they seem after so many years together. I am so looking forward to this new book, especially since I’m confident that it will be full of more genuinely delightful recipes like this one, for baked shrimp scampi.


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slow cooker chicken tikka masala

Three (!) years ago, Jessica and I wrote a post reviewing Bon Appétit’s chicken tikka masala recipe. We concluded that the dish was tasty, but very time-consuming and we were split over whether we’d make it again. Jessica, living in the land of amazing take-out of all varieties, was pretty sure she’d keep ordering in. I figured that I’d lean on the recipe when I moved to Springfield because I assumed that good Indian food would be hard to come by. Jessica was right, I was wrong. As it turns out, Springfield has two terrific Indian places and the one I linked to in my 2013 post has become our go-to Friday night dinner spot. I’ve never cooked the Bon Appétit chicken again.

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one pot wonder: sausage, kale and white bean soup

Way back on January 3rd of this year, my honey sent me an email with the subject line “Soup Recipes!” The body of the email was a link from, and did not contain what I would normally consider very Esquire-y content: a slide show of fifty “cold-weather soup recipes” collected from a whole bunch of different food blogs. I did not expect gems, and I think I may have ignored it, because a few hours later I got another email, this time titled “Soups!!” (up to two exclamation points, so we know he means business), with a pared down collection of five links from the original fifty. That I could work with. I picked the one that sounded best to me, “Rustic Tuscan-Style Sausage, White Bean, and Kale Soup” from a new to me blog called Shared Appetite, and holy heck did I (we!) pick a winner.

tasty soup, aka an excuse for toast.

tasty soup, aka an excuse for toast.

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honey mustard roasted salmon

I’ve written before about my fear of cooking fish—I fret about the smell, the technique, and mostly the taste. My worries are not theoretical: I’ve failed many times with home cooked fish and I’ve had a lot of restaurant fish that didn’t thrill me. In other words, I’m not only entirely unskilled at cooking fish, I’m also really picky about eating it. Yet I still try.

honey mustard salmon

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