more booze than you’d expect from a quaker: grandma mary’s eggnog

I know this is going to sound absolutely bonkers, but I think you should add something to your to-do list this week. You should make eggnog. An eggnog that will take a (very) little effort over the next few days, and will reward you with something impressive and delicious and chock full o’ Christmas spirit (and also just chock full o’ spirits, let’s be real). I understand that eggnog is a very divisive treat, and I know a lot of folks assume they hate it / would never want to try it, but this is an eggnog to change hearts and minds. The recipe comes from my maternal grandmother Mary Taylor, takes three days to make, and requires ungodly amounts of eggs, dairy, and booze, but it is so deeply worth it.


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new year, new collards

Usually at this time of year, I’m eager to share a baking recipe: an old favorite sweet, a silly breakfast trick, or a big pile of cookies. I often have an idea that’s been in my back pocket and I wait until prime eating season to write about it. This year, in a shockingly savory turn of events, the holiday recipe I’m most excited about is…collard greens. Quite the opposite of staid, long-cooked greens, these are Vibrant, Spicy, Garlicky, Kick Down the Door of 2016 Collards.

brazilian collard greens

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