what we keep on cooking

As of September 6th, we’ve been blogging here together for two years. They’ve been a huge two years in our personal lives (engagements, marriage, moves, career changes), and it’s been great to have this creative and grounding outlet to return to. We’ve both tried out new techniques, mastered new recipes, and found new inspiration. While this shared project has been a great excuse to push ourselves to cook new things, there are of course those recipes we come back to again and again. We thought we’d share some favorite regulars in our kitchen routines, along with a few things the men in our lives wish we cooked more often. We’d love to hear what you cook most often, too!

jessica + laura at jessica's bridal shower in march 2014.

jessica + laura at jessica’s bridal shower in march 2014.

What Laura cooks most:

Pepper Steak: I made this a bunch before we started blogging and it’s continued to be a favorite. Sometimes I think about using less soy sauce, but I can’t quit that extra salty kick.

Oven-baked Risotto: More like jambalaya than italian risotto, these sweet-salty-spicy flavors call to me frequently during the chilly months.

Bachelorette Brownies: Rich, fudgey, and better than anything from a box mix.

One-pan Pasta: This was all the rage last summer and it’s still a go-to for me whenever I am way too tired to cook. I usually grill a sausage on the side for Ed.

Gwyneth Paltow’s It’s All Good: If I need a healthy reboot in my eating routine, I pull down Ms. Paltrow’s pretty book. I make the chicken burgers most frequently and undo some of the healthy benefit with a sriracha mayo (Hellman’s mixed with sriracha and a dash of vinegar).

What Ed would like to see more of:

Swedish Visiting Cake: Ed simply cannot get enough of this simple cake. It’s his most-requested dessert.

Macaroni and Cheese: Martha Stewart’s mac and cheese is one of my favorite recipes of all time. It’s a labor of love and an indulgent treat that Ed would happily eat weekly (daily?) if I’d oblige.

What Jessica cooks most:

Baked chicken fajitas: I’m so grateful to Joie for finding this recipe. Perfectly ticks the easy / tasty / healthy / makes enough for leftovers boxes.

Mary’s sausage sauce pasta: Still something I turn to both when I’ve had a bad day I want to turn around, and when I’m in a good mood and want to keep it going.

Betty Philip’s chili: Two sausage recipes in my most-made list? Sounds about right.

Baked curry sweet potato fries: Every time I make these, I wonder why I don’t make them even more often. Definitely do whip up the yogurt sauce for dipping.

And if I want a tried and true dessert, it’s either going to be pots de creme or my favorite chocolate cake.

What Hal would like to see more of:

NACHOS (yes, with all caps). I make these fairly frequently–with tacos for me–but, there’s definitely room to step it up and try something like this.

“Peppermint crunchies,” also known as Cookies + Cream Peppermint Bark. I made this twice last Christmas, and Hal has rhapsodized about it repeatedly since then. Expect a post this holiday season!


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