comfort cooking: tomato and sausage risotto

Laura and I have joked a lot about the abundance of sausage recipes on this site–we have at least ten, and agree that the number seems small, given our strong feelings for one of our shared favorite ingredients. After all, it’s delicious, so dang versatile, one of the easier meats to cook, and always a crowd pleaser. So I could almost hear La laughing all the way from Boston one recent morning when I told Hal I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner, but that I was considering oven baked fajitas, and he responded, “that sounds good…or maybe something with sausage?” You can’t fight destiny. Feeling like I had over-played our usual sausage faves, I hopped onto smitten kitchen and did a quick search. I turned up a recipe from all the way back in 2006, for a risotto with sausage, tomato, and spinach. And oh my word was it good.


not exactly pretty, definitely delicious.

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leaving new england: strawberry-basil shortcakes

I’m quitting my job, retiring from urban life, and setting my watch to Central Standard Time. In just a few weeks, my husband and I are leaving Boston for Springfield, Illinois. Most people are temporarily dumbfounded when I tell them about the move. I don’t blame them. It’s a radical change and my head has been whirling with random thoughts about the transition. In between choosing movers and memorizing a new zip code, I wonder how it will feel to see for miles across the open plains. I worry about living even farther from my East Coast relatives and friends. I dream of front-row spaces in sprawling grocery store parking lots. I contemplate what New England sights we’ll see in our remaining weeks.

strawberry basil shortcakes /

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