gluten-free muffins (and the best reason for cake)

I love to bake, but living on my own has meant not a lot of opportunity. After all, I may want to make a two layer chocolate cake, but do I really need to have the whole thing in my apartment? Probably not. One of my favorite ways to get around this is to bake for my students–I know of no better or more appreciate audience than the wonderful (and hungry) young women I work with. The problem, tho, is that many of them have dietary restrictions…which I often just cruely ignore and please myself. So when, as part of my constant hunt for a healthy breakfast muffin, I found a likely looking recipe for gluten-free peanut butter banana muffins, I decided to give it a whirl.

photoThese muffins, I’ve gotta tell ya, are a little weird. Not bad weird, by any means, but (especially speaking as someone used to gluten-filled food), the texture is a lil different. Kind of spongey, in a strangely pleasant way. As I mixed them I up (plunking all the ingredients in the same bowl, always a plus) I was wholly skeptical that they would actually work. The recipe is almost all dry ingredients, which felt way too far from the usual muffin mixture to possibly succeed. I should have had more faith, tho. The end result is a great combination of peanut butter and banana, balanced out by hints of cinnamon and vanilla. Not too sweet, and very tasty. I’ve had multiple repeat requests, which I always consider a win. And they freeze well, one of my main requirements for a muffin. One word of warning–they come out of the oven looking perfectly puffed up…and flatten almost instantly. These muffins aren’t beauty contest winners by any means, but I’m not holding that against them.


hmmm (not pictured–three eggs).

Also…I realized when I went to write this post that tho I’ve been referring to these muffins as gluten-free, the original recipe author calls them “grain-free.” So now I’m wondering if baking soda or vanilla extract is a secret source of gluten? I’m gonna stick with calling them gluten-free, until someone tells me differently.

You can find the recipe here. I didn’t change a thing, tho I did go with the optional add in of an additional chopped banana, and was very pleased with my choice. The website also has instructions for “flax eggs,” a method of combing either flax or chia seeds with water to make an egg substitute, and an idea totally new to me. I haven’t yet tried it, but plan to so that I can feed not just my gluten-free students, but the vegan ones as well.

photo 4

And since I have this little platform, I can’t resist the chance to say…Laura is getting married this tomorrow!!! My heart is so full of happiness for my lovely bestest that I feel like I’ve been walking around with a perma-grin for weeks. I can’t hardly wait to get to celebrating–to toast Laura and her wonderful husband to be, to dance the night away…and to eat some deelish (and gluten-filled) cake. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “gluten-free muffins (and the best reason for cake)

  1. It’s hard to imagine how those ingredients turn out to be muffins. I liked how the cinnamon in the picture of your ingredients looked like chocolate ice cream (or maybe that’s just me.)

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