one pan pasta

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just add water (and olive oil).

Like everyone else on the internet, I wanted to make Martha Stewart’s one pan pasta as soon as I saw the recipe. If you haven’t already heard about it, for this pasta dish you put everything–dry pasta, cooking liquid, and sauce ingredients–in one pan and let them all cook together. The end result is well flavored noodles, a simple and silky sauce, dinner in about twenty minutes, and minimal mess to clean. Not too shabby. This is a great speedy meal for any night that you’re in a hurry, and would also be a smart option if you just moved–like Laura and I both did last weekend!–and haven’t yet unpacked all of your kitchen goodies. 

starting to simmer.

starting to simmer.

As with any recipe promising something similar, the one pot idea isn’t exaaaactly true. You still have to thinly slice onion and garlic, and as much as I’m trying to get more comfy with winging ingredients and amounts, for this recipe it does feel important to have the correctly measured amount of water. So no additional pots, maybe, but you do need a knife, cutting board, and measuring cup. Also important are a pair of tongs–this recipe comes together with a lot of stirring and tossing to get everything evenly combined, and while I’m sure you could also get it done with a wooden spoon, using tongs made mixing everything together really easy. Still, much less to clean up than most recipes!

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Staring at a pot full of water, uncooked noodles and raw veggies, I was skeptical that this recipe would actually work and taste good. But it does! I don’t know that it’s quite the total game changer others have described it as–when you get right down to it, this is a simple tomato pasta, especially if you stick with the original recipe’s halved cherry tomatoes (which I of course did). When I make this again I think I’ll use canned crushed or diced tomatoes and include some of the juice, to give the sauce a little more heft. Other than that, I really liked the recipe as is. Not quite able to stick to one pan magic, I served this with sliced chicken sausage and a salad I’m newly obsessed with (stay tuned for a recipe!). Even with those additions, this came together really quickly and made for an awesome and awesomely simple summer meal.

photo 5

You can find the original Martha Stewart Living Recipe here, and a host of variations are just a “one pan pasta” google away.


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