my new favorite salad

This salad started out as an afterthought, and ended up stealing the show. I had planned on making another Joie-recommended main dish, confident that it would be a success (it wasn’t–not bad, just didn’t quite work as well for me), and needed a veggie to fill out my plate. When I spotted a bag of shredded brussels sprouts at Trader Joe’s I remembered that Shutterbean had at some point posted a recipe for brussels sprouts salad, and thought I remembered her really liking it. When I got home and looked up the post I saw that she called it “Addictive Brussels Sprout Salad,” and after I made it I saw why.

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farewell d.c.

Hello from Boston! Ed and I have been in our new home for about two weeks and are just starting to feel settled. The city seems exciting, fun, and chock full of amazing places to eat. Just exploring our little neighborhood, we’ve come across some frozen narcotics disguised as ice cream (Oreo cake batter, are you kidding me?), a friendly man named Al making creative, flavorful, fresh subs from a griddle in his convenience store, and fish tacos topped with an arbol chile mayo that belongs on everything from now on. While I can’t wait to discover what the rest of Boston has to offer, I want to give my former city its due farewell.

my old neighborhood tex-mex spot

my old neighborhood tex-mex spot

Over the course of the 10 years I lived in the nation’s capital, I had the good fortune to dine at restaurants running the full spectrum: from Citronelle to Steak and Egg and lots of things in between. I have piles of treasured memories from all of this good eating and saying goodbye to the city has been bittersweet. I’m delighted to be in Boston, but it’s sad to leave home, family, friends, and my usual haunts. During the past month, as I took Tenley on his last walks around my neighborhood, packed up my apartment of five and a half years, and ran my local trails one last time, I composed a list of my favorite things to eat in the city. This process made me sad, because I knew it might be a long time before I got back to some of these places, but it made me happy, too, because I love these dishes and I’m thrilled to share them here. So here’s my list of favorite things to eat in D.C. (and one in Arlington).

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one pan pasta

photo 1

just add water (and olive oil).

Like everyone else on the internet, I wanted to make Martha Stewart’s one pan pasta as soon as I saw the recipe. If you haven’t already heard about it, for this pasta dish you put everything–dry pasta, cooking liquid, and sauce ingredients–in one pan and let them all cook together. The end result is well flavored noodles, a simple and silky sauce, dinner in about twenty minutes, and minimal mess to clean. Not too shabby. This is a great speedy meal for any night that you’re in a hurry, and would also be a smart option if you just moved–like Laura and I both did last weekend!–and haven’t yet unpacked all of your kitchen goodies.  Continue reading