my valentine loves sprinkles

In many respects, my fiancé Ed is a serious man. He’s a conscientious doctor, he pays his bills on time, and he sends prompt thank you notes. He’s the definition of “responsible adult.” That said, he also really loves rainbow sprinkles. His dimple is never deeper than when he’s presented with a small bowl of vanilla ice cream with a special order of “double sprinkles.”


To Ed, there’s no such thing as too many sprinkles. There has only been one time since I’ve known him that he didn’t polish off every last colored-coated candy. We were having brunch in 2011 with Jessica at David Burke’s Townhouse in NYC. Ed ordered the mini ice cream cones: five little cones with sprinkle-covered scoops of ice cream standing up in at least two inches of sprinkles. It was absurd. Ed was so happy. He made short work of the cones and couldn’t help but sneak a spoonful or two (or three) of straight-up sprinkles.

ed with a bowl full o' sprinkles

ed with a bowl full o’ sprinkles at townhouse

Nothing will ever beat that David Burke experience, but when I saw that Tim of Lottie and Doof posted these sugar saucers a couple of weeks ago, I knew Ed would love them. Like Ed, Tim is unapologetic about his love for sprinkles. I find it charming and endearing that these fellas with such refined tastes delight in the most ordinary of ice cream toppings. Personally, my money’s on the hot fudge, but I can respect the visual appeal of a good shake of rainbows. Although I might not agree that sprinkles are the Best Thing Ever, this is the season of showering loved ones with sweet things, so I saved the recipe as the perfect Valentine’s Day treat. I wanted to wait until February 14 to bake the cookies, but I kept going back to the site and thinking about how good the cookies looked and how much Ed would love them. I decided I couldn’t wait two more weeks to make them. Instead, I made them for the Super Bowl.


I made such a good call. These should be made early and often. It’s rare that I will make anything in the sugar cookie category because my mom’s sugar cookies are the best and I don’t feel the need to waste my time experimenting with other, surely inferior recipes. These looked sufficiently distinct from the thin, crunchy “sand tarts” my mom makes that I gave them a whirl. They are just as Tim described: “[t]hey have a crisp edge and a soft center—soft, not chewy. Chewy would be bad. Soft, almost like a cake.” These are sweet, but not too sweet—there’s a good amount of kosher salt in the dough that keeps them balanced. Plus, they are the most fun looking food I’ve ever made.

you're going to need a lot of sprinkles.

you’re going to need a lot of sprinkles.

These are not difficult to make, but they take a lot of butter (3 sticks), flour (4 cups / 600 g), and sprinkles (a ton…buy two of the biggest bottles you can find). It’s worth it, though. After you rest the dough for at least an hour, you roll balls of dough into a trough of sprinkles. This would be a fun step for kids (Ed was excited to have this role).  Before baking, you press the sprinkle-covered dough balls to flatten them slightly. The more you press, the flatter and crispier your cookies will be. After a few batches testing various pressing-levels, we preferred the cookies we pressed only slightly—they have a softer center, stay a bit puffier, but still get a nice crunch around the edge.

the perfect press

the perfect press

These were a lot of fun to make and they were a hit at the Super Bowl party. The best part for me, though, was watching Ed get downright giddy over a cookie.

You can find the recipe on Lottie and Doof.

13 thoughts on “my valentine loves sprinkles

  1. Look so good! And love the tip about involving kids. I think Lucy would love rolling the balls in sprinkles! Maybe we’ll try this weekend.

    On Fri, Feb 8, 2013 at 9:47 AM, butter poached

  2. Laura, I made these for Easter in the shape of eggs, and they were a huge hit with both young and old! (Also, I have those same Williams-Sonoma dishes 🙂 )

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