a bubbling, cheesy pan of comfort

Like so many others, I still have a heavy heart from last week’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I had a draft post written in my mind before the news broke, but after last Friday, the story I wanted to tell–about what to eat in December when you’re too busy to cook–didn’t feel right. What does feel right is to tell you about this amazing goat cheese and turkey sausage lasagna that is quite possibly the most comforting comfort food I’ve made all year.

goat cheese & turkey sausage lasagna

Ed and I made this together, side by side in my slip of a kitchen. I did the prep and he tended the sausage and tomato sauce. After the sauce, pasta, and cheeses were layered and the lasagna was baking, I attempted to tidy the kitchen, but I kept going back to the oven window to watch the goodness bubble, brown, and melt. There was some serious magic going on in there. The recipe takes a while to make, but it’s worth it because you won’t have to cook dinner the next night…or the next three nights if you’re me and could eat this lasagna every day for the rest of December. After one taste, you’ll know what I mean. It’s a jaw dropper. When Ed and I sat down to eat, we gave each other a look that said “holeee lasagna, this is some goooood,” ahem, stuff. We then ate an embarrassing amount and went back for seconds. I think I loved it so much because of the goat cheese, but I also loved the fresh basil (don’t skimp!). This freezes perfectly, too.

comforting leftovers

comforting leftovers

Although the recipe is by Ina Garten, I came across it on Lottie and Doof as I was trolling the site’s archives for cookie recipes (the site has SO many great ones). When I spotted the lasagna, I remembered that a friend–a fellow Ina devotee–had raved about it. If you are at all familiar with Ina’s work, you will not be surprised by the simplicity of the technique and the bold, satisfying results. It’s fitting that I had a square of this lasagna late last Wednesday after hearing Ina speak during her D.C. book tour stop. Two good friends/Ina fans joined me and the evening was so fun–Ina was charming, open, and funny (at times, perhaps unintentionally). Predictably, spending an hour listening to one of my favorite cookbook authors field questions about some of my favorite foods left me ravenous. I was beyond thrilled to come home to a piece of leftover lasagna, which was just as delicious and comforting as it was on its first night.


ina! ina! ina!

If you are craving something deeply satisfying and homey, I can’t recommend this lasagna enough. I use this online recipe from Lottie and Doof, but it’s also in Ina’s Barefoot Contessa Family Style.


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