smitten pea pesto

This is a simple recipe, and it is simply good. A lot drew me to this particular dish. Peas are maybe my favorite veggie, and I especially love them in pasta. I’m a big fan of pesto, but not always a fan of making it–sometimes rinsing and de-stemming and packing in basil leaves feels like a too tedious process, and this recipe offers much simpler steps. And really: peas, garlic, pine nuts and parmesan cheese. What’s not to love?

But more than all of that, I trust Deb of Smitten Kitchen. When she tells me something is good, I listen. I’ve loved her spinach and cheese strata (which I’ve made for company brunch three times!), banana bread, chocolate chip coffee cake, and the mushroom bourguigon I’ve already written about. I feel confident in my belief that Deb knows what’s up. And there’s something about knowing she makes her food in a teeny NYC kitchen not so different from my own that feels so comforting. I may worship at the alter of Ina Garten and deeply desire her huge Hampton’s kitchen, but that is very far from my real life. Maybe someday. For now, I don’t have enough counter space to keep any appliances out all of the time, but this recipe is worth pulling out the food processor for.

Speaking of which, I have one of those mini food processors that sits on top of a blender base, and this recipe fit nicely. I used frozen peas, quickly defrosted, instead of the fresh peas Deb recommends. It was still delicious. This was a perfect easy week night dinner, and I happily ate it for lunch all week. The pesto is a bright gorgeous green, fresh tasting with a nice hit of garlic. I added sliced chicken sausage to stretch out the leftovers, and definitely recommend the addition. I first made it in early summer, and am looking forward to pulling the recipe out again in the winter when I need a taste of spring.


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